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Bukit Unyang Recce 14th Jan 2018

Trig Station at Unyang Peak

Trig station before we cleared the shrubs.<br />
<br />
Photo credit: Muru

Brief notes

•​ Bukit Unyang is located Northeast of Kanching Waterfalls, in Hutan Rizab Kanching.

• Trailhead towards Bukit Unyang is located after Level 7 of Kanching Falls.

• Some old tape markers left by earlier explorers exists along the trail.

• We did most of our bushwhacking works independently of the markers but somehow we stumbled upon them from section to section.

• The last section at the false peak before crossing the saddle over to the Unyang peak is the toughest.

• At the false peak, we could see Bukit Bunga Buah, Bukit Boyan and Bukit Tunggul.

• All of the three primary obstacles are there - bamboo, thorny palm trees and thick ferns.

• The overall distance from trailhead to the peak is about 2.5 km. Time to hike is about 3 hours.

• The altitude according to RSO map is 730 metres.

• After the last river crossing post level 7, there are no more stream crossing.

• Leeches are present along the way until before the false peak.

• Good to know - the waterfall/river that flows down is Sungai Chul Tinggi.

Bukit Unyang track

GPS tracklog plotted on Google Map. Overall distance is less than 3 km per way.<br />
<br />
GPS tracklog is not provided.

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